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Hellloooooo Everybody!!

It has been quiet a while since my last post but I thought that it was time for an overdue update!

It’s finnnaalllyy Summer again!! Which means that it’s time for new clothess, make up, jewellery, amazing shoes, the much dreaded words ‘losing weight’ and nail polish!!!!

I am a total nail polisholic!!! So I thought that I would post some of my recent nail polish designs!!

My favourite nail polishes are Berry M, Nails Inc, Essie and Chanel! Especially when it comes to that amazing hot red colour! YVS, chanel and Berry M have the best reds!!


One of my all time favourite design would be the classic NudeBlack!! It always looks nice and matches with every outfit!


The nice thing about these designs is that you won’t get bored from it! You will have a different design on each finger, which kinda makes its exciting :D. The ‘crackle’ effect has been super in this year!! It all about the crackle! The second design is totally my favourite by far!! Those are typical Summer Nails!! You have the white base, which is perfect for the summer weather and than you have the different coloured dots on top of the white base, which gives it the summer look!

My next favourite would be the 50:50 crackle effect design:


Baby Pink and Mint just totally work amazing together!! Perfect combination in my opinion!

I have a total obsession with French Manicures BUT I tend to get really bored from nailpolish after a couple of days so to make it less boring I love to use different colours for my french manicures rather than always using that rose pink and nude cream colour as your base and white for your tips.


Instead of using one particular colour as your base why not use 2 different ones! It makes the design look much much better!! I especially love the blue and mint combination! It looks totally fab!! The last design is not a manicure but after watching The Voice, this design just kinda came to my mind so I thought why not :P!!

Until next time xoxo




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hellllo everyone,

So as we have been veryy veryyy addicted with rings this year and we thought why not post about it 😀

When it comes to rings we kinda like everythingggg but the more shiney they are the better :P, in our opinion rings are the one piece of jewellery that totally can bring an outfit together!! Be it a wedding, prom, birthday or even just a slumber party (yeah yeah pjs with rings :D) an awesome funky ring will never let you down! Now some of our favourite pieces are from Swarovski they have some of the most heavenly rings!!

Lets check some out:

1.£160 2.£160 3.£128 4.£110

These are some of the more ‘Bling-a-Bling pieces which we are soo in love with. I mean seriously look at that Blue Ginseng Multi Ring, just imagine how amazing that will look on your finger and how you will be able to hear the ocean by just looking at that luscious deep blue colour (hmmm im soo tempted to buy that right here right now :P) anywayyyy moving on 😀 those rings are more eye catchy now the following are some of the more low key but still sparkling rings:

1.£70 2.£80 3.£97 4.£60

What we like about these rings is their simplicity and their edginess, look at that Louella Flower ring how gorgeous does that look, this ring would look stunning with a light baby pink/cream summer maxi dress and a pink flower for your hair and tadaa you got an outfit. Being huge disney fans the Lullaby shell ring (the last one at the end) reallly caught our eye and reminded us of Ariel the Little Mermaid (seriously who doesnt like the little mermaid??!)

Now what we realise is that not everyone can afford to buy such pricey rings and so here are some affordable but still funky suggestions from ASOS, Oasis and Topshop.

The Wings Ring from topshop is a total everyday wear ring no matter what type of outfit you decide to wear this ring will suit you!! And also the stone encrusted ring from topshop will soo spice up a dull outfit anyday :). And last but not least the ASOS summer cocktail ring is (surprise surprise) is veryyy suitable for a cocktail summer party or a girls night out.

If you didnt know that a ring could totally change your outfit then i am sure you do now 😛 if you like this post and would like us to post more of these type then dont be shy to tell us 🙂

until then xoxo

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helllloooo everyone!!

Sooo sorry for not blogging for such a long time!!! But i have been super busy with finals but now that they are over i am totalllly free to post some new exciting tips for you guys! You better be glued to your laptop or computer because be prepared for some awesome new fashion tips, gossip and etc. 😀

First of all summmer is finallllly here!!! How long have we waited for this moment??? Now with summer come fabulous new clothes and colours. I went shopping yesterday and realized that this years summer colour is baby pink (loving it!!). Browsing through New Look, Topshop and various other shops I found some amazing pieces (You will see them later in the pictures).

And also girlssss this years summer must wear item of clothing are DRESSES!!! Seriously i dont think i can live without them!! You can wear them any day you want whether you have a skinny day or fat day (we all know that we always have at least one day where we totally feel big!!) Anyway loose dressy type tops are also a total must and should be in your closet.

In the past few weeks I have totallllly gotten obsessed with ASOS seriously their clothes are just simply amazing!! If you want to look like a total celebrity then i recommend ASOS, other shops which i totally love are New Look, TopShop, Outfit and of courseeee Primark lol (who doesnt love primark??!!). I have kinda realized that primark totally tries to copy designer clothes, which i think is soooooooo good since not everyone can afford to buy designer clothes :P.

Ok enough with the talking lets look at some awesome outfits 😀

Dress 1 is an Iska Frill Skirt Dress from ASOS (£ 20)

Dress 2 is a Faded Stripe Jersey Vest Empire Dress from ASOS (£19)

Dress 3 is an Iska Ruffle bandeau dress from ASOS (£28)

When i was online shopping 😛 i thought that these 3 dresses were awesomeee!! I love the texture, the colour and the design!! And the best thing is that you can simply turn dress 1 and 3 into party dresses if u want by adding some funky jewellery and sexy high heels :).

The 2nd dress can be simply worn with a pair of leggings and some pumps or simple sandals.

  • Beaded Leather Sandal from New Look – £25
  • CatEye Sunglasses from topshop – £18
  • Grosgrain Clutch from New Look – £6
  • Oasis Metal Sheen Enamel and Twist Stacked Bangles from ASOS – £12.80

These accessories can be worn with any of those dresses, in my opinion they are refreshing and very stylish.

Dress 1 Wiggle Hem Dress from ASOS – £44

Dress 2 Iska Lace Frill Bottom Dress from ASOS – £20

Dress 3 Mango Panelled Strapless Dress from ASOS – £40

Just look at dress 1 how awesomeeee is that dress!!!!! The bottom of this dress is sooo stylish and its a perfect summer dress for day and night time! Dress 3 can be changed into a total knock out night dress by adding some stylish glitzy earrings, high heels, an eye catchy clutch bag and a hugeeee diamond ring and tadaaa you got your perfect party dress 😀

Ok so these are just some suggestions from our side, we the sketchmystyle girls think that some knockout dresses are just soo important in your closet!! And so get offff your sofa or bed or watever lol and go to the mallll!!! And the best thing about these dresses is that they arent even that expensive!! 😀

We hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 xoxo

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