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OMMMMBBBB Guyssss!!!

Are you a Justin bieber fan????? Do you reallly want to be in his up and coming 3D Movie then guess what the director Jon M Chu (Step up guy) has officiallly given everyone the opportunity to be part of the film!!!!! Cool right

This can be seen on his twitter account which says:

‘Anywhere in the world you are…if you are a Belieber you can be in the @justinbieber movie!!!! click 2 see how- http://youtu.be/esKZhBW2KXA about 12 hours ago via web ‘

So if i was you then i would goooo and upload  a video nowwww..!!! the only thing that they want is a happy picture of yourself  (lol) smiling and you need to make a video showing you lip singing to one of his songs. For proper instructions watch the video on youtube.

Gooo bieber fans and get yourself a spot since there are only like 14 hours left until the deadline!!!!!!!!

ohh and this is a message from justin bieber via twitter:

‘just listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esKZhBW2KXA and go to www.BieberFever.com/Movie SEE U IN THE MOVIE!!!’

let us know who got in xoxo


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Alohaaa everyone,

We are back and this time we decided to post about our music addiction :D. Our music taste is kinda unsual since we love to listen to anythinggg 😛 anything from Korean music to english music we always find something that we totally fall in love with.

Now since the vampire diaries started last year we have totally been in love with the music in the show. I mean seriously if you want relaxing but still edgy songs on your iPod then VD will soo satisfy your everyday music fix :D. Here is a list of songs from the show which we realllly realllly like:  (Episodes and scenes are only given for recent episodes)

1.) All I Need – Within Temptation (Episode 19) – This song was played in the dancing scene between Elena and Damon and we were just soo speechlessss at how perfectly the song suited the scene!! I mean seriously did anyone else suddenly (at just that moment) switch to team Delena?! :p because we totallly did (but we are again team stelena :D).

2.)Bloodstream – Stateless (Episode 22) – This is the song played in the scene where Damon kisses ‘Elena’! One word KATHARINE!!! That was the biggest shock we have ever hadddd lol

Now here is a list of songs played throughout the season which we totally love!                                                                                                                                                                          3.)Lovesick Mistake – Erin McCarley      

4.)It is What it is – Lifehouse  

5.)Only One – Alex Band  

6.)Cut – Plumb      

7.)The Mess I Made – Parachute                            

8.)Running Up That Hill – Placebo (amazing song!) 

We love to listen to a variety of songs but one of our favourit is Korean and Japanese music, seriously you can get anything better than this!!! On top of our list are the bands and singers: Super Junior, Tohoshinki (aka DBSK), Big Bang, TAE YANG!!!! :D, Shinee, SS501, J-Walk, One Way, G-dragon, SHOW LUO!!, Rainie Yang, DNT, Jumper, FAHRENHEIT!!, Choshinsei, Beast aka B2ST, 2NE1, MBLAQ,BI RAIN etcccc (the list could go on and onnnn…).

Ok that list looks like a total overload of info (like the bing adverts on tv :p crazy stuff heheh) butttt we just totally love allll of them seriously we cant imagine live without k-pop and j-pop lol, some of our fav songs are:

1.) Supergirl – Super junior (catchyyyyy)

2.) Bonamana – Superjunior (total gym song)

3.) Mirotic – DBSK

4.) Why did i fall in love – DBSK (OMFG amazing songggg – a must download)

5.) Break out – DBSK

6.) Ring ding dong – Shinee

7.) Wedding Dress – Tae Yang ( awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :D)

8.) Oh Yeah! – MBLAQ 

The list could go on and onnn so if you want a bigger list then let us know and we ll post it soon 😀

Now some of our other fav artists are Justin bieber (duhh) seriously the bieber fever is everywhereeeeee, GLEEEEE!!! (we are total gleeks), Lady GaGa, Kat Danson, Pixie Lott, We Are The Fallen, Leighton Meester (Your love is a druggggg :p), Charice, Darin Zanyar and etcccccc

Thats for now but if you want another post about our ‘It song List’ then please let us know 😀 xoxo

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