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OMMMMBBBB Guyssss!!!

Are you a Justin bieber fan????? Do you reallly want to be in his up and coming 3D Movie then guess what the director Jon M Chu (Step up guy) has officiallly given everyone the opportunity to be part of the film!!!!! Cool right

This can be seen on his twitter account which says:

‘Anywhere in the world you are…if you are a Belieber you can be in the @justinbieber movie!!!! click 2 see how- http://youtu.be/esKZhBW2KXA about 12 hours ago via web ‘

So if i was you then i would goooo and upload  a video nowwww..!!! the only thing that they want is a happy picture of yourself  (lol) smiling and you need to make a video showing you lip singing to one of his songs. For proper instructions watch the video on youtube.

Gooo bieber fans and get yourself a spot since there are only like 14 hours left until the deadline!!!!!!!!

ohh and this is a message from justin bieber via twitter:

‘just listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esKZhBW2KXA and go to www.BieberFever.com/Movie SEE U IN THE MOVIE!!!’

let us know who got in xoxo


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