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Helloooooo everybody!!!

Since my sister (one of the sketch girls :D) has been super lazy, I have decided to take over both of our blogging duties :p!! First things first lets start with the super awesome new show ‘The Secret Circle’!! Like OMG to allll the ‘The secret circle’ Book fans out there!!! How amazing is it that they have decided to turn these amazing books into a series!!! I had a look at the trailer and sneak peaks and I must say that I am a little disappointed since they are missing half of the most important characters (hint hint the wild twins :p) and they totally got diana and nick wrong!!!!!! Diana is suppose to be super beautiful and has looong blonde hair however the person who was casted for the role has brown hair and is nothing like the diana in the book :s. BUT! they did get faye spot on right !!! I have a feeling that this is going to be her show :p. I am not too disappointed with Adam since lets face it Thomas Dekker is hot :D.

  I dont think Britt Robertson is the right choice for Cassie since Britts acting is a little awkward but lets seeee!! She might surprise us all and lets hope she doesnt ruin the book like she did with avalon high!!! The show will premier in the fall and will be on the same day as the vampire diaries!!! eeekkkk how exciting!! They might have gotten the characters wrong but I stillll can not wait for the show to start I mean lets face it! its going to be a kick ass show whether we like it or not lol bring on the witch year :p.

 Other than that I got some exciting news for the evermore series fans out there!!!! Summit entertainment has given alyson noel an offer for both the immortal series and the riley bloom series!!! I mean omg how awesome is that!!!!! I have read all the books of the immortal series and totallllyyy love them all!!! The last book in the series ‘Everlasting’ came out yesterday and let me tell you guys if my hair didnt look so horribly bad today I would have def gone to the book store and purchased the booook!! Tomorrow is the dayyyyy wahayy I can not wait to the read book since its going to be the last one :p.

I will be posting another post about the latest books I have read and which have just recently come out and let me tell you guys there are a ton of new awesome books out!! I guess the supernatural vampire, werewolf, fairies and witch phase is still in lolz (I know I am still hoooked!!)

Thats all for now but keep tuned because I will be posting about new books and also some new amazing music :p.

Until than laterzzzzz everyone 🙂 xoxo


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Helloooooo everyoneee

We are soo sorry for not blogging for the past couple of months but we have been so mega busy :((.

Anyway this year a lot of awesome stuff has come out both book and filmwise :p. Lets start with moviess, a couple of weeks ago we went to the cinema and saw I Am Number 4!!! And let us tell you guys OMFG I Am Number 4 is such an awesome filmmmm!!!! We didnt get bored at alll :p and plus Alex Pettyfer was bad to look at (he is yummmmmm :D).

Plus all the songs in the movie were pretty amazing! For example Adeles ‘Rolling in the Deep’ (Album: 21) was just perfect for that scene and ‘Letter from the sky’ by civil twilight (Album: Human) was just the perfect song for the ending.  Coincidentely the next movie Beastly which we want to see has again got Alex Pettyfer :D. However in this case a little high school musical and Full house it present since the film also has Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Olsen. From the trailer and previews this movie just looks so interesting and has a disney vibe to it :p. We are total suckers for disney based films lol. Anyway since its just so in these days to turn good books into film this movie is a must watch. Talking about books in one of our previous posts we mentioned that we wanted to read Lauren Kates ‘Fallen’ and let us tell you guys that was a waste of 2 hours of our lifeeeee. Fallen is one of the most boringgggg, depressssingggg and just slow and awfull books we have ever read in our whole life lol, seriously we so prefered Hush Hush and Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick instead. Both of the books have the same theme but the hush hush series is wayyyy better written. Dark flam however was awesome just as usual and we can not wait to read the next book in the series Night star. Another book which we really enjoyed was Lauren Conrads ‘ Sugar and Spice’ it was just such a good ending to the loved LA Candy series. Plus it didnt hurt getting her style guide :D.

Now last but not least comes reality tv :p these days we have been totalllly addicted to Keeping up with the Kardashians + Kim and Kourtney take New York!! Seriously that Kardashian family is crazyyy and insane but sooo addictive lol. Those shows are our guilty pleasures :p. We totally think that Ryan Seacrest needs to change the channels name to Kardashian TV. I mean that channel has shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney take New York, Kourtney and Khloe take Miami and now they are also going to have the new Lamar and Khloe show :s change it to Kardashian Tv already lol. And last comes gleeeeeee season 2 :p, there has been a lot of drama with finn and rachel breaking up finn and quinn getting together etcc etcc but the thing that has made this season soo watchable are the guest stars I mean they had pop queen britney spears it doesnt get better then that :D.

Lots of love the SketchGirls xoxox

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Ellloooo Everyoneeee,

Sooo our last post about book choice was like agesss ago and so we thought why not update the list a bit (ok ok its because we have been reading like crazy again soooo we just gottaa update the list hehe)

Since its summer (the time to be super lazy :p) we have been hitting the library for non educational books lol as in awesome amazing and funny books which you can actualllly enjoy (and which dont give you a headache!!) and so once we went to the library we kinda realized that the library is packedddd with vampired themed books!!!! Welll thats not a bad thing since we are huge suckers when it comes to vampire stuff but still we did end up getting a mix bunch of book. Now lets do a summary of the books we actually got (and alreadyyy have read by now :D).

1.) The Evernight Series (consists of Book 1: Evernight Book 2: Stargazer Book 3: Hourglass and Book 4: Afterlife (which will come out in March 2011)) by Claudia Gray

Now once we started reading this book we were totallllly hooked!!! One Word Balthazar!!!!! He is one smoking hot but stilll such a sweet vampire!! (seriously through out the books you will just want to huggg him!!) The main lead character is a girl called Bianca. Now of course every book needs a main leading hottt guy (:P) and in this case its Lucas. Some of their Friends which are mentioned through out are Vic and Raquel. Now we wont spoil anything for since these books will just literallly killl you when you read them!!! It has many surprises and shocking moments and so you just gottta read them!!!!

2.) The Shiver Series (Book 1: Shiver  Book 2: Linger and Book 3: Forever (the 3rd book is coming out in July 2011) by Maggie Stiefvater

Now when it comes to these 2 brilliantly written books you will first thing OMG another twilight wannabe book but let us tell you guys that these books are no where near like twilight seriously these books just have to be read!!! The main characters in this book are Grace and (the veryy hotttt) Sam. Again we wont be saying anything about the story since we sooo dont want to ruin it for you guys!!

3.) The Generation Dead Series (Book 1: Generation Dead Book 2: Kiss of Life Book 3: Passing Strange) by Daniel Waters

 These books are veryyy different then all the other books we have kind of read. Mostly because these books are about zombies, now let us tell you guys we are nott huge fans of zombies lol but when we started reading generation dead we realized that these books are kind of like a fresh breath of air :D, they are different but still interesting. Anyway once you get into the story you will totally fall in love with Phoebe, Tommy and most of the lovely Adam. So check it out :D!!

4.) Night World Series (There are 3 Volumes each contain 3 books in total there are 9 books and another 1 will be coming out soon) by L.J. Smith

 Now let us tell you these books are the most amazing creative and hooking books we have ever read in our life!!! Once again L.J Smith is the most talented writer ever!! We are totallly huge fans of her books and believe us when we say that you just haveee to read these booooks!!!! Now there are a total of 9 books out right now and we read them in like a couple of days!! Thats how addictive they are!!!! Now each book has their own characters and there are all different stories but they in a way they are still all linked. Some of our favvv characters are Thiery (OMG OMG 😀 enough said), Ash, Delos (ohhhhh the prince ❤ <3) Quinn (omg the way we fell in love with him is just crazy lol) and last but not least Galen (the innocent one). omg we are soo tempted to tell you the story of some of the books but we dont want to ruin it soo go and get the books and start reading and mostlyy do let us know what you think about them)

5.) The Airhead Triology (Book 1: Airhead Book 2: Being Nikki Book 3: Runaway) by Meg Cabot

The last books which we recommend is the Airhead triology now these books are just soooo bubbly and funny that you just gottta read them!!! These books are the best for days when you feel all depressed and sad, they will totally cheer you up!! The story of nikki will take you into the world of models and guess guess there are again manyyy hot guys hehe

The last books on our list right now are Fallen by lauren kate and Dark Flame by alyson noel, We can not wait to read them since they look awesome. We are especially looking forward to reading Dark flame since the book before it called Shadowland was just amazinnggg!!! so we cannt wait to see whats going to happen.

Hopefully this list will help you with you summer fun reading and do let us know what you think about our fav books 🙂 until next time lots of love…

SketchGirls xoxo

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Hellllooooo everyone!!!

We are sooo sorry for not blogging for the past few days but we have been really busy getting some awesomeeee tips for u  guys :D.

But in this post I just wanna talk about the most awesome books, which just totalllly need to be read!!!! Now summer is nearly here and I am sure most of u guys have ur ‘fun reading’ list ready 😀 (i know i totalllly have!!!).  I think that there are some books which just need to be read 😀 like the following:

1.) The immortal series (evermore, blue moon) by Alyson Noel is just amazing!!! I mean damon (not the vampire diaries damon) is just dreammmmmyy!!! I can promise u that u wont get bored of these books at allll!!!!

2.) Books by Meg Cabot are just amazingggg!! Such as the mediator series those books are just totally magical!!! I mean seriously u wont be able to put them down!! ( we read them all in a day :P), Airhead (and there is also a sequel) is just sooooooooooo unique!! Its totally different then all the other books i have read!

3.)Another one of our favorite authors is L.J. Smith she writes the most amazing books ever! Every single chapter in her books has something to give there isnt even one dull moment! Such as Dark visions we just couldnt put that book down, its the most magical, dark and intense book i have ever read! Dark visions is def a book that needs to be read :), other books by her which we love are the vampire diaries, the 6th book is currenty not available in stores here but believe me that book is on top of my summer reading list 🙂 and the nightworld series is also on top of the list!

3.) By now u guys should know that we totally love Lauren Conrad and so of course here books LA. Candy and Sweet Little Lies should be on the list! (even though we have already read them :P), if you like the hills then I am sure u will love those 2 books.

Some of my other fav. books are The party season by Sarah Mason, I could read that book over and over again and wont get bored of it! If ur into the romantic and party books then this is it for u!!

These are just some of the books that we think need to be read, however if you have any suggestions then feel free to comment and let us know 🙂 and also if u wanna make our day then subscribe and tell ur friends 🙂 xoxo

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