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Hellloooooo Everybody!!

It has been quiet a while since my last post but I thought that it was time for an overdue update!

It’s finnnaalllyy Summer again!! Which means that it’s time for new clothess, make up, jewellery, amazing shoes, the much dreaded words ‘losing weight’ and nail polish!!!!

I am a total nail polisholic!!! So I thought that I would post some of my recent nail polish designs!!

My favourite nail polishes are Berry M, Nails Inc, Essie and Chanel! Especially when it comes to that amazing hot red colour! YVS, chanel and Berry M have the best reds!!


One of my all time favourite design would be the classic NudeBlack!! It always looks nice and matches with every outfit!


The nice thing about these designs is that you won’t get bored from it! You will have a different design on each finger, which kinda makes its exciting :D. The ‘crackle’ effect has been super in this year!! It all about the crackle! The second design is totally my favourite by far!! Those are typical Summer Nails!! You have the white base, which is perfect for the summer weather and than you have the different coloured dots on top of the white base, which gives it the summer look!

My next favourite would be the 50:50 crackle effect design:


Baby Pink and Mint just totally work amazing together!! Perfect combination in my opinion!

I have a total obsession with French Manicures BUT I tend to get really bored from nailpolish after a couple of days so to make it less boring I love to use different colours for my french manicures rather than always using that rose pink and nude cream colour as your base and white for your tips.


Instead of using one particular colour as your base why not use 2 different ones! It makes the design look much much better!! I especially love the blue and mint combination! It looks totally fab!! The last design is not a manicure but after watching The Voice, this design just kinda came to my mind so I thought why not :P!!

Until next time xoxo




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Helloooooo everybody!!!

Since my sister (one of the sketch girls :D) has been super lazy, I have decided to take over both of our blogging duties :p!! First things first lets start with the super awesome new show ‘The Secret Circle’!! Like OMG to allll the ‘The secret circle’ Book fans out there!!! How amazing is it that they have decided to turn these amazing books into a series!!! I had a look at the trailer and sneak peaks and I must say that I am a little disappointed since they are missing half of the most important characters (hint hint the wild twins :p) and they totally got diana and nick wrong!!!!!! Diana is suppose to be super beautiful and has looong blonde hair however the person who was casted for the role has brown hair and is nothing like the diana in the book :s. BUT! they did get faye spot on right !!! I have a feeling that this is going to be her show :p. I am not too disappointed with Adam since lets face it Thomas Dekker is hot :D.

  I dont think Britt Robertson is the right choice for Cassie since Britts acting is a little awkward but lets seeee!! She might surprise us all and lets hope she doesnt ruin the book like she did with avalon high!!! The show will premier in the fall and will be on the same day as the vampire diaries!!! eeekkkk how exciting!! They might have gotten the characters wrong but I stillll can not wait for the show to start I mean lets face it! its going to be a kick ass show whether we like it or not lol bring on the witch year :p.

 Other than that I got some exciting news for the evermore series fans out there!!!! Summit entertainment has given alyson noel an offer for both the immortal series and the riley bloom series!!! I mean omg how awesome is that!!!!! I have read all the books of the immortal series and totallllyyy love them all!!! The last book in the series ‘Everlasting’ came out yesterday and let me tell you guys if my hair didnt look so horribly bad today I would have def gone to the book store and purchased the booook!! Tomorrow is the dayyyyy wahayy I can not wait to the read book since its going to be the last one :p.

I will be posting another post about the latest books I have read and which have just recently come out and let me tell you guys there are a ton of new awesome books out!! I guess the supernatural vampire, werewolf, fairies and witch phase is still in lolz (I know I am still hoooked!!)

Thats all for now but keep tuned because I will be posting about new books and also some new amazing music :p.

Until than laterzzzzz everyone 🙂 xoxo

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Helloooooo everyoneeee,

So I just had a ton of coffeeee whilst watching Cupcake wars (God bless food network channel :p). So now since I am totally buzzing I thought I might as well catch up on our blog and see how everything is going. I did not expect so many hits per day!! Seriously that melt my little black heart lol!! Anyywayyyyy since it is finallllyyy summer for me :p I have had a lotttt (and I mean it a tonnn) of free time for reading, catching up on my fav serieses and most importantly music.

First of all lets start with the vampire diaries finale!!!! Like OMFG!!! It seems like Delena is seriously gonna happpennnnnn eeekk soo exciting :p, Stefan is gonna be evil for a change (soo refreshing lol) and omg they have thrown in a little bit of the mediator by making (hottt hottt) jeremy a ghost whisperer!! The only thing which disappointed me was the lack of caroline and tyler scenes!!!! I mean seriously I think everyone livess for those scenes now lol they are just the hottest and most cutest couple everrrrr (fingers crossed for season 3). One of the songs which really grew on me was ‘Holding a Heart’ by Girl Named Toby!! Its just such a catchyyy and soothing song (a total must download).

Lets move on to the other serieses such as Gossip Girl!!! Omg there is totally going to be a chuck junior next seasonnnnn how exciting is that!! Overall I think the season was a total bore, so predictable and snooz worthy! I mean seriously I think the only reason I enjoyed the last couple of episodes was because of Georgina lol! Moving onto to 90210 there were a couple of exciting episodes but overall again a total bore! The most shocking thing this year would be One Tree Hill, which was pretty fun to watch!!! Brulian had twin boys!!!!! I mean wahayyyy happy times 😛 and Naley had a daughter (which I am pretty sure is Bethanys real baby girl daughter! how cute), overall the season wasnt that bad!

The same would go for Glee I mean they just packed this season with so many guest stars which made it just too much!! The second season was not fun like the first season so lets hope the third season is going to be better! Other than that I think tv these days is just packed of reality tv dramas lol (Snooookiiii anyone?)

Canceling Lauren Conrads fashion series was a total bummmerrr!!! I mean seriously have you guys seen the trailer? Its soooooooo good!! So much better than audrinas show (which basically just shows her crazy over the top mothers :s emotional much?)!

The one thing I can not wait for is the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians!! I mean Kim finallly got engaged!!! Seriously I am so happy for her!! The girl deserves that huge diamond ring!!!

Anyway thats all for now since I have a huge headache now (coffeee and sugar rush :p)

Laterssss everyone xoxo

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Helloooooo everyoneee

We are soo sorry for not blogging for the past couple of months but we have been so mega busy :((.

Anyway this year a lot of awesome stuff has come out both book and filmwise :p. Lets start with moviess, a couple of weeks ago we went to the cinema and saw I Am Number 4!!! And let us tell you guys OMFG I Am Number 4 is such an awesome filmmmm!!!! We didnt get bored at alll :p and plus Alex Pettyfer was bad to look at (he is yummmmmm :D).

Plus all the songs in the movie were pretty amazing! For example Adeles ‘Rolling in the Deep’ (Album: 21) was just perfect for that scene and ‘Letter from the sky’ by civil twilight (Album: Human) was just the perfect song for the ending.  Coincidentely the next movie Beastly which we want to see has again got Alex Pettyfer :D. However in this case a little high school musical and Full house it present since the film also has Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Olsen. From the trailer and previews this movie just looks so interesting and has a disney vibe to it :p. We are total suckers for disney based films lol. Anyway since its just so in these days to turn good books into film this movie is a must watch. Talking about books in one of our previous posts we mentioned that we wanted to read Lauren Kates ‘Fallen’ and let us tell you guys that was a waste of 2 hours of our lifeeeee. Fallen is one of the most boringgggg, depressssingggg and just slow and awfull books we have ever read in our whole life lol, seriously we so prefered Hush Hush and Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick instead. Both of the books have the same theme but the hush hush series is wayyyy better written. Dark flam however was awesome just as usual and we can not wait to read the next book in the series Night star. Another book which we really enjoyed was Lauren Conrads ‘ Sugar and Spice’ it was just such a good ending to the loved LA Candy series. Plus it didnt hurt getting her style guide :D.

Now last but not least comes reality tv :p these days we have been totalllly addicted to Keeping up with the Kardashians + Kim and Kourtney take New York!! Seriously that Kardashian family is crazyyy and insane but sooo addictive lol. Those shows are our guilty pleasures :p. We totally think that Ryan Seacrest needs to change the channels name to Kardashian TV. I mean that channel has shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney take New York, Kourtney and Khloe take Miami and now they are also going to have the new Lamar and Khloe show :s change it to Kardashian Tv already lol. And last comes gleeeeeee season 2 :p, there has been a lot of drama with finn and rachel breaking up finn and quinn getting together etcc etcc but the thing that has made this season soo watchable are the guest stars I mean they had pop queen britney spears it doesnt get better then that :D.

Lots of love the SketchGirls xoxox

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We have been waiting like forever for this show to start airing on tv!!! And omg when we saw the first episode last week we were left speechlesss!!! I mean seriously the first episode was wowowowo!!! The fact that the cast is a mix from different shows such as Privileged and The Vampire diaries just shows how high ratings are just totally secured!!!

So lets talk about the show in general, its based on the book series ‘Pretty little liars’ by Sara Shepard and consist of 8 books in total. The following is a list of all the books in the correct order:

  • Pretty Little Liars (October 3, 2006)
  • Flawless (March 7, 2007)
  • Perfect (August 21, 2007)
  • Unbelievable (May 27, 2008)
  • Wicked (November 25, 2008)
  • Killer (June 30, 2009)
  • Heartless (January 19, 2010)
  • Wanted (June 8, 2010)
  • Now we havent read the books yet but believe us we are on it already :p. Now what we loved about the first 2 episodes was that each episode was just totallly awesome, We soooo loved the music (which btw they are using the same person as in The Vampire diaries hence similar music), We lovee loveee the cast and we just in general love the whole concept! They way both episodes ended with a questions to be answered was just wow! I mean what a way to make people go crazy for more episodes lol this show is a guaranted hit show and we totally cant wait for more episodes!!!

    Now for those people who are already hooked on the show then heres a list of songs of the first 2 episodes:

    Episode 1:

    1.)Secret – The Pierces (Theme Song)

    2.)Don’t Trust Me – 3OH!3

    3.)I Wont – Colbie Caillat (Our fav!!)

    4.)Beauty Queen – Bens Brother

    5.)Happiness – The Fray

    6.)More Of You – Mozella

    7.)Flaunt – Supamedicine

    8.)When Love Goes Well – Michael Rossback

    9.)I Got Up – Overnight Lows

    10.)Suggestions – Oreli

    Episode 2 : The Jenna Thing

    1.)Crazy – Katie Herzig

    2.)What I Like – Jackie James

    3.)Falling For The First Time – Jules Larson

    4.)Avalanche – Josephine

    5.)Jack N Jill – Katie Herzig

    6.)After All – Ben Rector

    7.)Remember – Kari Kimmel

    8.)2012 – Evolove

    9.)Fresh Pair Of Eyes – Brooke Waggoner

    10.)Supabeat – Sweet 17

    We tottalllly cant wait for the new episode !!!!! We hope that you guys like this post and totallly check out the new series and ohh enjoy the song list 🙂

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    Alohaaa everyone,

    We are back and this time we decided to post about our music addiction :D. Our music taste is kinda unsual since we love to listen to anythinggg 😛 anything from Korean music to english music we always find something that we totally fall in love with.

    Now since the vampire diaries started last year we have totally been in love with the music in the show. I mean seriously if you want relaxing but still edgy songs on your iPod then VD will soo satisfy your everyday music fix :D. Here is a list of songs from the show which we realllly realllly like:  (Episodes and scenes are only given for recent episodes)

    1.) All I Need – Within Temptation (Episode 19) – This song was played in the dancing scene between Elena and Damon and we were just soo speechlessss at how perfectly the song suited the scene!! I mean seriously did anyone else suddenly (at just that moment) switch to team Delena?! :p because we totallly did (but we are again team stelena :D).

    2.)Bloodstream – Stateless (Episode 22) – This is the song played in the scene where Damon kisses ‘Elena’! One word KATHARINE!!! That was the biggest shock we have ever hadddd lol

    Now here is a list of songs played throughout the season which we totally love!                                                                                                                                                                          3.)Lovesick Mistake – Erin McCarley      

    4.)It is What it is – Lifehouse  

    5.)Only One – Alex Band  

    6.)Cut – Plumb      

    7.)The Mess I Made – Parachute                            

    8.)Running Up That Hill – Placebo (amazing song!) 

    We love to listen to a variety of songs but one of our favourit is Korean and Japanese music, seriously you can get anything better than this!!! On top of our list are the bands and singers: Super Junior, Tohoshinki (aka DBSK), Big Bang, TAE YANG!!!! :D, Shinee, SS501, J-Walk, One Way, G-dragon, SHOW LUO!!, Rainie Yang, DNT, Jumper, FAHRENHEIT!!, Choshinsei, Beast aka B2ST, 2NE1, MBLAQ,BI RAIN etcccc (the list could go on and onnnn…).

    Ok that list looks like a total overload of info (like the bing adverts on tv :p crazy stuff heheh) butttt we just totally love allll of them seriously we cant imagine live without k-pop and j-pop lol, some of our fav songs are:

    1.) Supergirl – Super junior (catchyyyyy)

    2.) Bonamana – Superjunior (total gym song)

    3.) Mirotic – DBSK

    4.) Why did i fall in love – DBSK (OMFG amazing songggg – a must download)

    5.) Break out – DBSK

    6.) Ring ding dong – Shinee

    7.) Wedding Dress – Tae Yang ( awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :D)

    8.) Oh Yeah! – MBLAQ 

    The list could go on and onnn so if you want a bigger list then let us know and we ll post it soon 😀

    Now some of our other fav artists are Justin bieber (duhh) seriously the bieber fever is everywhereeeeee, GLEEEEE!!! (we are total gleeks), Lady GaGa, Kat Danson, Pixie Lott, We Are The Fallen, Leighton Meester (Your love is a druggggg :p), Charice, Darin Zanyar and etcccccc

    Thats for now but if you want another post about our ‘It song List’ then please let us know 😀 xoxo

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    helllloooo everyone!!

    Sooo sorry for not blogging for such a long time!!! But i have been super busy with finals but now that they are over i am totalllly free to post some new exciting tips for you guys! You better be glued to your laptop or computer because be prepared for some awesome new fashion tips, gossip and etc. 😀

    First of all summmer is finallllly here!!! How long have we waited for this moment??? Now with summer come fabulous new clothes and colours. I went shopping yesterday and realized that this years summer colour is baby pink (loving it!!). Browsing through New Look, Topshop and various other shops I found some amazing pieces (You will see them later in the pictures).

    And also girlssss this years summer must wear item of clothing are DRESSES!!! Seriously i dont think i can live without them!! You can wear them any day you want whether you have a skinny day or fat day (we all know that we always have at least one day where we totally feel big!!) Anyway loose dressy type tops are also a total must and should be in your closet.

    In the past few weeks I have totallllly gotten obsessed with ASOS seriously their clothes are just simply amazing!! If you want to look like a total celebrity then i recommend ASOS, other shops which i totally love are New Look, TopShop, Outfit and of courseeee Primark lol (who doesnt love primark??!!). I have kinda realized that primark totally tries to copy designer clothes, which i think is soooooooo good since not everyone can afford to buy designer clothes :P.

    Ok enough with the talking lets look at some awesome outfits 😀

    Dress 1 is an Iska Frill Skirt Dress from ASOS (£ 20)

    Dress 2 is a Faded Stripe Jersey Vest Empire Dress from ASOS (£19)

    Dress 3 is an Iska Ruffle bandeau dress from ASOS (£28)

    When i was online shopping 😛 i thought that these 3 dresses were awesomeee!! I love the texture, the colour and the design!! And the best thing is that you can simply turn dress 1 and 3 into party dresses if u want by adding some funky jewellery and sexy high heels :).

    The 2nd dress can be simply worn with a pair of leggings and some pumps or simple sandals.

    • Beaded Leather Sandal from New Look – £25
    • CatEye Sunglasses from topshop – £18
    • Grosgrain Clutch from New Look – £6
    • Oasis Metal Sheen Enamel and Twist Stacked Bangles from ASOS – £12.80

    These accessories can be worn with any of those dresses, in my opinion they are refreshing and very stylish.

    Dress 1 Wiggle Hem Dress from ASOS – £44

    Dress 2 Iska Lace Frill Bottom Dress from ASOS – £20

    Dress 3 Mango Panelled Strapless Dress from ASOS – £40

    Just look at dress 1 how awesomeeee is that dress!!!!! The bottom of this dress is sooo stylish and its a perfect summer dress for day and night time! Dress 3 can be changed into a total knock out night dress by adding some stylish glitzy earrings, high heels, an eye catchy clutch bag and a hugeeee diamond ring and tadaaa you got your perfect party dress 😀

    Ok so these are just some suggestions from our side, we the sketchmystyle girls think that some knockout dresses are just soo important in your closet!! And so get offff your sofa or bed or watever lol and go to the mallll!!! And the best thing about these dresses is that they arent even that expensive!! 😀

    We hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 xoxo

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