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OMMMMBBBB Guyssss!!!

Are you a Justin bieber fan????? Do you reallly want to be in his up and coming 3D Movie then guess what the director Jon M Chu (Step up guy) has officiallly given everyone the opportunity to be part of the film!!!!! Cool right

This can be seen on his twitter account which says:

‘Anywhere in the world you are…if you are a Belieber you can be in the @justinbieber movie!!!! click 2 see how- http://youtu.be/esKZhBW2KXA about 12 hours ago via web ‘

So if i was you then i would goooo and upload  a video nowwww..!!! the only thing that they want is a happy picture of yourself  (lol) smiling and you need to make a video showing you lip singing to one of his songs. For proper instructions watch the video on youtube.

Gooo bieber fans and get yourself a spot since there are only like 14 hours left until the deadline!!!!!!!!

ohh and this is a message from justin bieber via twitter:

‘just listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esKZhBW2KXA and go to www.BieberFever.com/Movie SEE U IN THE MOVIE!!!’

let us know who got in xoxo


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Sooo tonight at 21:00 sharp its going to be gleee time in the UK :D. Here in England tonight its going to be the glee season finale and believe us we allllll cant wait!!!!! 

I mean there are soo many questions??!!! Is the glee club going to win at sectionals? Is Quinn going to have her baby girl? Will Puck and Quinn get together? Will Rachel and Finn get together?? And the questions could go on and onnnn! Although the most important question is that how on earth are we going to survive the summer without gleeee (and Vampire diaries)???!!!! I guess bring on the repeats lol but lets summaries the whole season of glee. I mean we still remember watching that first episode agesss ago and thinking ‘what the hell is this’! We have to be honest we didnt like the first episode we kinda thought that it was weird, you know with the bullying the handicap guy etc. But as the season expanded we totalllly fell in love with it! Seriously now we think that glee is just one of the most funnies shows ever :P.

Ok its now offfficialllly 20:13 which means that soooon its gleee time heheeh we will be telling you guys how we found the season finale and please dont feel shy to comment since we would love to hear everyones thoughts and comments about the whole season and the season finale 🙂 hope to hear from you all soooon xoxo

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hey guysss as promised here is a further list of 4 more The vampire diaries episodes.

Episode 18: (in order of appearance in the episode)

1.)You And I – Black Mustang

2.)Yeah! – The Golden Dogs

3.)1901 – Phoenix

4.)White Night – The Postelles

5.)User Your Love – Katy Perry

6.)Brick By Boring Brick – Paramore

7.)Hey Hey Girl – The Virgins

8.)Does This Mean You’re Moving On? – The Airbone Toxic Event

9.)To Be Your Loss – The Morning After Girls

Episode 17:

1.)Let Me Take You Out – Class Actress

2.)I Was Wrong – The Morning Benders

3.)Resignation Studies – The Silent League

4.)Young Men Dead – The Black Angels

5.)Boy – Light On

6.)Young Lovers (Sam Sparrow Mix) – Love Grenades

7.)East – Systems Officer

8.)Conscience Killer – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

9.) All You Wanted – Sounds Under Radio

Episode 16: (this episode had some amazing songs!)

1.)Better Than This – Keane

2.)CloudHead – In-Flight Safety

3.)The Ocean – Tegan and Sara

4.)Cross My Heart – Marianas Trench

5.)Perfect Day – The Constellations

6.)Crash/Land – In-Flight Safety

7.)Lovesick Mistake – Erin McCarley (we recommend this song)

8.)The Mess I Made – Parachute (We also recommend this :))

Episode 15:

1.)Black Hearts (On Fire) – Jet

2.)Time Is A Runaway – The Alternate Routes

3.)Your Eyes Are Liars – Sound Team

4.)Real You – Above The Golden State

5.)Winter Night – Sweet Thing

6.)Something In Common – Free Energy

7.)Portrait Of A Summer Thief – Sounds Under Radio

Thats it for today but do let us know if you want more episodes 🙂 enjoy xoxo


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Sooo since our last post about the song list we have been getting emails and tweets about giving a list of songs in each episode of the vampire diaries and so we decided to start with the last 4 episodes (Episodes 19-22) and if you want more after that then just let us know 🙂

Episode 19: (in order of appearance)

1.) Never Coming Down – Faber Drive

2.) On The Beautiful Blue Danube – Johann Strauss Jr.  

3.)Yellow – Vitamin String Quartet (The String Quartet Tribute To Coldplay)

4.)Clocks – Vitamin String Quartet (The String Quartet Tribute To Coldplay)

5.)Menuet Célèbre – Luigi Boccherini

6.)All I Need – Within Temptation (amazing song we totally recommend it)

Episode 20

1.)Marchin On (Timbo Version) – Timbaland with One Republic

2.)Click – Little Boots

3.)In Line – Robert Skoro

4.) I’ll Be Thinking of You – Jamie McDonald

5.)Song for the Waiting – Aron Wright

6.)We’ll Be A Dream – We The Kings

Episode 21:

1.)Giving Up The Gun – Vampire Weekend

2.)All The Same To Me – Anya Marina

3.)Our War – Neon Trees

4.)Sing – Sounds Under Radio

5.)Aint No Rest For The Wicked – Cage The Elephant

6.)We Share The Same Skies – The Cribs

7.)Laredo – Band Of Horses

Episode 22 (season finale):

1.)Every Time You Go – Ellie Goulding

2.)You’ve Changed – Sia 

3.)It Is What It Is – Lifehouse

4.)True Faith – Anberlin

5.)Bloodstream – Stateless  (this is an amazing song and we totally recommend it :p)

Ok so these are 4 episodes so far and if you want more then let us know 🙂 enjoy xoxo

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Hellloo everyone s0oo yesterday we mentioned that we are hugeeeee K-Pop fans and so one of our favorite korean group is BIG BANG!!! We just totalllly love them, they always have something upbeat and catchy for us (and they r totallly on my gym list!!). Anyway so what we love about them is that everyone in the band is just sooo unique!!! The band consists of G-Dragon, Tae Yang, Seungri, T.O.P and Daesung. Even though the band has branched out to pursue solo projects they still are very much together and just recently released a japanese song ‘Tell me Goodbye’ which we totallllllyy love!!!!

We personally loveeee G-Dragon, Seungri and Tae Yang but T.O.P and Daesung are also veryyyy awesomeee!!!

In the band G-Dragon is the one with the more edgy and funky fashion sense :P, he has experimeneted with various trends and always looooks awesomee :D. In the latest video ‘Tell Me Goodbye’ he has a more Chuck Bass (from gossip girl) style going on which we just loveeee. He has also released his own solo album ‘Heartbreaker’ which we think is a must buy album!! Especially his song Heartbreaker from that album is just sooo dance material :P. Another thing that we love about him is that he has helped Tae Yang and Seungri with their solo album, which shows how much he cares about his bandmates.

Seungri is the more innocent looking (but still hot) guy in the group. His solo song with G-dragon ‘Strong Baby’ is just woooowww!! Who knew that he had a 6 pack underneath that shirt 😛 but seriously if we were you then we would straight away rush to youtube to check out the video of Strong baby hehe (its totally worth it!!). Whats so awesomee about him is that even though he is super famous and rich he just go accepted into a University and will be attending it in Spring 2010 with Girls Generation star Yuri.

Now our totalll favourit is Tae Yang!!!! We just think that he is awesomeee and superrrr hot :p, I mean seriously you guys need to youtube his song ‘Wedding Dress’ its just sooooooooo goood!!! And even in all of big bangs videos he just looks smoking hot 😛 especially in Number 1 and Tell Me Goodbye!!

Some of our favourit songs by big bang are:

1.)Tell Me Goodbye

2.) Gara Gara Go!

3.)Number 1

4.)Bringing You Love

5.) Lollipop + Lollipop Part 2

I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 xoxo

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