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We used to have those days alllll the time, until we found our awesome solution! (You will never guess what we do :P) We save like tons of celebrity pictures on our ipod. Yeah I know it sounds kinda sad, but it really works!

Soooo open your wardrobe and check out what you actually have!! And then just google your favourite celebrities and get the picture of the outfit which you can clone next day for school, tadaaaa sooo easy and seriously it works!!!!!

Let us show you some of our favourite choices (just to give you a feel of how it works!)

But what you should know is that you totallly dont need to copy the whole outfit, just mix and match whatever you have in your closet and make it your OWN.

Btw if you have a smart phone (eg iphone, blackberry etc or ipod touch) then you can make this part of your morning routine 😀 because you’ll be able to save tons of pictures and access them veryyyy easily!! (a big time saver) But dont worry laptops and computers are just as good + you can listen to music whilst you get dressed!

So lets get started! Now our favourite celebrity style is that of Lauren Conrad (LC) from The Hills. She rocks every look, and always looks awesome! (don’t you think?)

We loveeeeeeeeeee this look! It’s so simple but looks awesome! Everytime we go to school dressed this way, people are like ‘OMG this looks soooo good, I never would have thought of this’. And the rad thing about this is that you don’t need to spend tons of money to copy this look, coz a white plain T and a pair of slimming jeans are a girls must have anyways (if you want a blog on must have’s let us know).
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