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hellllo everyone,

So as we have been veryy veryyy addicted with rings this year and we thought why not post about it 😀

When it comes to rings we kinda like everythingggg but the more shiney they are the better :P, in our opinion rings are the one piece of jewellery that totally can bring an outfit together!! Be it a wedding, prom, birthday or even just a slumber party (yeah yeah pjs with rings :D) an awesome funky ring will never let you down! Now some of our favourite pieces are from Swarovski they have some of the most heavenly rings!!

Lets check some out:

1.£160 2.£160 3.£128 4.£110

These are some of the more ‘Bling-a-Bling pieces which we are soo in love with. I mean seriously look at that Blue Ginseng Multi Ring, just imagine how amazing that will look on your finger and how you will be able to hear the ocean by just looking at that luscious deep blue colour (hmmm im soo tempted to buy that right here right now :P) anywayyyy moving on 😀 those rings are more eye catchy now the following are some of the more low key but still sparkling rings:

1.£70 2.£80 3.£97 4.£60

What we like about these rings is their simplicity and their edginess, look at that Louella Flower ring how gorgeous does that look, this ring would look stunning with a light baby pink/cream summer maxi dress and a pink flower for your hair and tadaa you got an outfit. Being huge disney fans the Lullaby shell ring (the last one at the end) reallly caught our eye and reminded us of Ariel the Little Mermaid (seriously who doesnt like the little mermaid??!)

Now what we realise is that not everyone can afford to buy such pricey rings and so here are some affordable but still funky suggestions from ASOS, Oasis and Topshop.

The Wings Ring from topshop is a total everyday wear ring no matter what type of outfit you decide to wear this ring will suit you!! And also the stone encrusted ring from topshop will soo spice up a dull outfit anyday :). And last but not least the ASOS summer cocktail ring is (surprise surprise) is veryyy suitable for a cocktail summer party or a girls night out.

If you didnt know that a ring could totally change your outfit then i am sure you do now 😛 if you like this post and would like us to post more of these type then dont be shy to tell us 🙂

until then xoxo


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Nin hao everyone! So you guys may already know, we went on holiday to China for the past week and we’ve come back with some awesome fashion tips for you guys!

Modern Chinese Street Fashion is all about taking something boring and personalising it to make something totally fabulous! And today, we’re going to show you some tips and tricks on how you can do the same!


Chinese Fashion is all about layering clothes on top of each other! Wear a thight dress underneath a looser one, just like in the picture, because this will make your outfit look sooooooooo careless, and make people think like you don’t follow fashion trends, but set them instead!




Wherever you go, boots are this years hottest footwear. You can wear boots with a dress, over your jeans, leggins and with a pair of short shorts, just like the chinese teens are doing this season! A pair of boots paired with shorts adds funk to the outfit! It makes it young, fresh and cute! And cute is what all the chinese girls are going for…so why don’t you try the same!




All the chinese girls are either wearing a dress or a skirt, because they love to look feminine and kawaiiiiii! But the most important thing about chinese fashion isn’t the clothes…but it’s the hair instead! Loose curly hair with a full fringe or side bang is their signature hair, and makes the outfit look that extra bit more stylish! So top tip of this season is to grow out your hair ready to let it flow in the warm summer breeze!

So, this is it for now, but if you want more on chinese fashion feel free to comment and if you want to make our day subscribe!!!!!!! xoxo



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We used to have those days alllll the time, until we found our awesome solution! (You will never guess what we do :P) We save like tons of celebrity pictures on our ipod. Yeah I know it sounds kinda sad, but it really works!

Soooo open your wardrobe and check out what you actually have!! And then just google your favourite celebrities and get the picture of the outfit which you can clone next day for school, tadaaaa sooo easy and seriously it works!!!!!

Let us show you some of our favourite choices (just to give you a feel of how it works!)

But what you should know is that you totallly dont need to copy the whole outfit, just mix and match whatever you have in your closet and make it your OWN.

Btw if you have a smart phone (eg iphone, blackberry etc or ipod touch) then you can make this part of your morning routine 😀 because you’ll be able to save tons of pictures and access them veryyyy easily!! (a big time saver) But dont worry laptops and computers are just as good + you can listen to music whilst you get dressed!

So lets get started! Now our favourite celebrity style is that of Lauren Conrad (LC) from The Hills. She rocks every look, and always looks awesome! (don’t you think?)

We loveeeeeeeeeee this look! It’s so simple but looks awesome! Everytime we go to school dressed this way, people are like ‘OMG this looks soooo good, I never would have thought of this’. And the rad thing about this is that you don’t need to spend tons of money to copy this look, coz a white plain T and a pair of slimming jeans are a girls must have anyways (if you want a blog on must have’s let us know).
So, if you like our blog  and want us to share more ideas, comment and subscribe. xoxo

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