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Hellloooooo Everybody!!

It has been quiet a while since my last post but I thought that it was time for an overdue update!

It’s finnnaalllyy Summer again!! Which means that it’s time for new clothess, make up, jewellery, amazing shoes, the much dreaded words ‘losing weight’ and nail polish!!!!

I am a total nail polisholic!!! So I thought that I would post some of my recent nail polish designs!!

My favourite nail polishes are Berry M, Nails Inc, Essie and Chanel! Especially when it comes to that amazing hot red colour! YVS, chanel and Berry M have the best reds!!


One of my all time favourite design would be the classic NudeBlack!! It always looks nice and matches with every outfit!


The nice thing about these designs is that you won’t get bored from it! You will have a different design on each finger, which kinda makes its exciting :D. The ‘crackle’ effect has been super in this year!! It all about the crackle! The second design is totally my favourite by far!! Those are typical Summer Nails!! You have the white base, which is perfect for the summer weather and than you have the different coloured dots on top of the white base, which gives it the summer look!

My next favourite would be the 50:50 crackle effect design:


Baby Pink and Mint just totally work amazing together!! Perfect combination in my opinion!

I have a total obsession with French Manicures BUT I tend to get really bored from nailpolish after a couple of days so to make it less boring I love to use different colours for my french manicures rather than always using that rose pink and nude cream colour as your base and white for your tips.


Instead of using one particular colour as your base why not use 2 different ones! It makes the design look much much better!! I especially love the blue and mint combination! It looks totally fab!! The last design is not a manicure but after watching The Voice, this design just kinda came to my mind so I thought why not :P!!

Until next time xoxo




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